Saturday, April 7, 2012

PhotovanII , "The Odyssey"

About a year ago I sold the photovan - my life has been rather busy lately .
I made contact online with a lady in Canada and we have much in common . I visited her in Canada for 2 weeks - we maintained contact and she visited me in New Zealand for a few weeks . We are now married and living in New Zealand still and I decided "we" needed two vehicles :) .
I bought another van , also a Toyota Hiace [reliable] with about 305000km on the clock . I've started doing it up as well and had to give it a name . My wife mentioned that the ship bringing her goods over was named "The Odyssey" - I looked that name up and found that it had something to do with someone's 10 year journey .... I've been alone in New Zealand for 10 years and my journey has led me to my marriage and a life together with someone who is now my traveling companion - so I now present the beginning of the travels of "The Odyssey" .......

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