Friday, April 23, 2010

2010/04 Rolled car

I was coming home from the gym in Raglan on Monday night and picked up a hitch hiker since he was a tourist with a back-pack and not a sleazy looking character .
As we left the 50km zone and the 100km zone started we saw a 4X4 on its roof facing back toward us on the side of the road . The hitch-hiker told me he was a paramedic so we pulled over .
There were a few people standing there and one woman kept telling me '' Don't touch anything you can't move them if they're injured " . 
Fair enough but we didn't know their condition yet . I managed to speak to them through the front drivers-side window and they told me they weren't injured . So I opened the back bull-bar with this woman telling me " You can't move them , you can't move them !" . I tried to kick the window out but just bounced off - punching it had the same effect . Another bystander helped me ram it with a large branch and we put some blankets over the glass while they crawled out .
Apparently they 'spun out' as they accelerated into the 100km zone and went over , someone nearby mentioned that they have also slid there before though it's never happened to me on that spot [ yet] .

After we got them out the ambulance arrived while I was taking pictures , then when the police car turned up I decided it was time to leave because they would probably want a written statement starting from the day I entered the country ......


  1. The title had me fearing you had rolled the photovan. Glad to hear you were not involved and everyone was uninjured. A tip for breaking automotive glass is to use a center punch (easiest tool but other similar metal pointy instruments also work).

  2. Thanks , I'll carry some better ' windscreen breaking 'tools in future :).
    I saw the branch earlier but have always wanted to boot or punch a windscreen out - I should have just grabbed the branch like a 'normal ' person I suppose .

  3. I watched a guy I worked with nearly take his own head off with a boulder throwing it at the window of his car when he locked his keys in it in the scorching Death Valley summer heat. It was actually quite entertaining once he got over the fact the he nearly killed himself trying to get back into the car. It defied all logic. That massive slab of rock came right back at him like it had been thrown onto a trampoline. Barely a scratch on the glass.

  4. It's crazy - even when I punched that window it flexed inwards and bounced my hand back out again .
    It needed two of us with a big branch to ram it out .
    Yesterday I saw the youngster in the shop , he says there was a pool of oil on the road .