Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ruapuke , Raglan , New Zealand .

December 1 2007 .
I took the photovan for a sleepover at Ruapuke , Papanui point , New Zealand .
The gate has a box next to it so you can deposit $1 to help the farmer put stones down on the road for all the people who use it . It isn't much of a road ...

But it is a popular fishing spot where people can fish from 20 meters above the sea ....

There have been a few drownings there from people fishing lower down - every now and then a rouge wave comes along and washes them off ....

The 'locals'

This was where I parked the first night -quite a view .....

In the distance is mount Egmont or 'Taranaki'

In the morning I had to get back across this field . The only problem was that there was now dew on the grass and the photovan is not a 4 wheel drive !

I spent a while sliding backwards down that bank until I took a walk around and found a place on the left , quite close to a 100m cliff , where I could drive in a circle and pick up enough speed to ramp up the bank - without sliding down the other side .

On my way back I came up against a slip on the road and had to take another way round to get home but the scenery was worth it .

That was the photovan's first adventure - more to come !

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  1. the little lamb 'posing' awww... so cute.. Bernadette