Saturday, February 13, 2010

008) Lietches clearing 10/2003

This is an old trip we did , back in 2003 , taken with my old 4 meg Panasonic DMC-LC5.
Lietches clearing was an area of land cleared out by a farmer many years ago who anticipated that one day it would be a major traffic intersection ... still waiting !
Now it is a nice walk to a hut which also has a few dog kennels available for hunters [ I mean for the hunters dogs !] .
It involves a gradual uphill walk for about 1 1/2 hours followed by a gradual downhill walk for 1 1/2 hours with some reasonable scenery along the way

We used to always take a 'before' picture on our walks ,  Wayne , Jeremy and me ...

I won't claim to remember everything from that trip but a picture can tell the story and refresh my mind .
Jeremy insisted on carrying 1 1/2 litres of Coke ....

And Wayne was always trying to sneak it out of his pack ....

At one point there is a landslip which you have to work your way around .

And that's the hut ...
There is a nice swimming hole there , some people tie their food to a rope and hang it in the water to keep it cold which is why I never swam in it - I'm not too fond of freezing water .

This is a view of the hut from the nearby hill which was also nicely cleared away .

There were two families in the hut - with screaming kids so we decided to make shelter in the nearby trees ...

I think our shelter turned out pretty cozy in fact .....

We took a few videos that night , this was a thumbnail of one of the videos which included a lightsabre duel with our LED torches ...

But it was this trip that convinced me that I needed a new sleeping bag because there was a frost that night and my ears were sore when I woke up .

We had breakfast in the hut though .

Those two guys on the left were eating boerewors , I asked them if they were South African but they said that they just worked for a South African butcher .
Besides that it was a rather uneventful return journey and the scenery was good -though my photography wasn't so good back then .
I dropped Wayne off at home until the next adventure ....


  1. Thanks! Nice photos. Liked the frog-sanctuary sign! I didn't see one of those on any of our walks in NZ yet.

    I can't imagine wanting boerewors, though. My husband tried it in South Africa -- smelled like it had corriander in it, and seemed pepperty and very fatty. Just not something I wanted to try.

    My husband liked boerewors, but he eats sausage by choice.

    I don't. Should never have gone on that 4th grade field trip to the hot dog and sausage factory. Haven't voluntarily eaten either one since. -- Deb

  2. I wasn't too fond of boerewors in SA , they make it better there though so now I eat it !