Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 South Island tour day five

Today we were heading for Bealey Hotel on Arthur's pass

Close to Hokitika we saw a sign to the Treetop walk , we didn't know it was there but had read about it before. 

Let's just say it was 'interesting' but not worth $36 a person to walk amongst the treetops, depending what your interests are.

I used the fisheye lens for all the photos on that walk.

Perhaps the biggest issue I had was that there wasn't really much else to see from up there when, perhaps if it had been built near some of the stunning scenery we had driven past, it may have made more sense.

Would I do it again? If I was in the area with someone visiting for the first time and it cost $10 then yes. Beyond that price I suppose it depends how much money the people have and how much they want to be high up amongst the trees - each to their own.

From there we headed for Arthur's pass - when I have a few billion to spare I will build my house there. Driving up the pass you head for alpine territory which is once again where the Kea live.
When you see a sign like this keep and eye on your car! You don't want the wipers pulled off or the window rubber removed by their sharp beaks. Someone also mentioned to me that the ladies would do well not to wear anything shiny in their hair.

This is someone else's video

You come up this road to reach the lookout.

The Kea are very intelligent creatures and know what distance to keep, though they like to have a close look at something like a shiny camera lens - I pulled away as his head came forward to grab the lens.

And we think they are funny creatures!

Once again the weather was a little overcast to enjoy the scenery but it did open up now and then.

Our lodgings were in the best place this time - the scenery was right outside our window. Internet was via satellite so we were given a 'generous' 50 meg each to check emails for the night.

Tomorrow the weather would open up a bit for our last day driving to Christchurch.

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